First Portrait of Duchess of Cambridge Released: How Was it Painted? (Video)


Paul Emsley, the artist who painted the first official portrait of the Duchess of Cambridge, wife to Prince William, has done a lovely little video that has been put up on The Royal Channel on YouTube.

In it, he talks about how he met with the Duchess of Cambridge, who sat for him twice. The first time, she spent much of the day with him while hundreds of photographs were taken of her for the beginnings of the official painting.

Paul Emsley then worked from the photographs, creating close-ups so he could see the details of Kate’s eyes, mouth, hair, earrings etc.

He particularly concentrated on Kate’s hair, as they agreed it was one of her strongest and most beautiful features. He also chose to paint her smiling, as he felt that showed off her true personality as a ‘warm and very open person’.

The painting of the Duchess of Cambridge was officially unveiled at London’s National Portrait Gallery today.


Michelle Topham