Florence + The Machine’s ‘100 Years’ live on Jools Holland is life itself (Video)

Watch Florence + The Machine’s ‘100 Years‘ live on Jools Holland

The brilliant British indie band Florence + The Machine made an appearance on Later…with Jools Holland on 29th May, 2018, where they performed three songs from their upcoming new album High As Hope — new single ‘Hunger‘, ‘100 Years‘ and ‘A Sky Full Of Song‘.

And, while all performances were as superb as Florence + The Machine always pull off, it is ‘100 Years’ I’m going to talk about here. Because that song, oh my, that song is unexpected.

Because the Jools Holland live version of ‘100 Years’ has Florence accompanied by cellist Kelsey Lu, and starts off slow and soft and sweet, and builds and builds and builds, until this delicious insistent drum beat joins in, Lu hits the deepest, lowest, richest cello notes and Florence chants “Huh. Huh. Huh.” And then begins to dance.


And that? The feeling you get from that? It is life itself.

Watch Florence + The Machine’s gorgeous performance of ‘100 Years‘ on Later…with Jools Holland in the video below, as well as the band’s performances of ‘Hunger‘ and ‘A Sky Full Of Song‘ in videos below that.

Because Florence? She and her Machine? The best thing currently coming out of the UK, as they never let you down.

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Michelle Topham


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