Fortnite Suppressed Assault Rifle Will Allow Stealthier Gameplay, So Will It Be In 5.50 Patch?

The latest Fortnite weapon likely to be released in the 5.50 patch due out this week is the Suppressed Assault Rifle.

As it sounds, it is a medium-range assault rifle that comes equipped with a silencer. Allowing you to get into all kinds of stealthy fun.

Well… or not notice other Fortnite players using the Suppressed Assault Rifle, and ending your fun in the game there and then.


Epic Games describes the Suppressed Assault Rifle as “a silenced weapon that rewards precision aiming”. Meaning, you could get some damned good kills if you have a little patience, and can aim well.

Of course, this type of weapon will have the disadvantage of some significant dropoff while firing. That means you will have to be sure you are positioned in the right place, and have a decent chance of a major injury or a kill.

As for the design of the Fortnite Suppressed Assault Rifle, it is very similar to the SCAR-style assault rifle. But, in one big way, much deadlier as it could give you an important advantage over those players not willing to go the stealth route.

As for when the Fortnite Suppressed Assault Rifle is likely to see the light of day?

No doubt sometime this week with the 5.50 patch. That’s because we are due some decent new Fortnite content, and my guess is the Suppressed Assault Rifle will come right along with it.


While you are waiting, though, if you are not one of the almost nine million people that have already watched the Top 100 Fortnite Fails video from Prestige Clips below, you must watch it.

It’s pretty hilarious watching people either fail, do crazy things or get completely bent out of shape when someone on their team is failing.

Michelle Topham