Fox News destroying CNN on YouTube with new subscribers and views

I am fascinated with how fast viewers are leaving CNN and moving to Fox News. At least on YouTube, where Fox News is destroying CNN with both new subscribers and views in the last few months.

As someone who recently switched from CNN and their insufferable support-Biden-no-matter-what and demonize-those-who-aren’t-vaccinated-against-Covid no matter what to Fox News, I have enjoyed watching Fox steam ahead leaving CNN far behind.

If you don’t believe me about Fox News subscribers and views on YouTube compared to CNN, you only have to take a look at their respective pages on Social Blade — a website that analyzes social media platforms and tracks the statistics of individual accounts.


According to Social Blade, in just the last 30 days, Fox News has added more than 270,000 new subscribers on YouTube, along with 370,547,749 views on their videos.

CNN, on the other hand, has added just 100,000 new subscribers to their channel, along with 107,397,976 views on their videos.

That means Fox News is beating CNN on YouTube by almost 3 to 1 in subscribers, and almost 4 to 1 on video views.

Why is Fox News beating CNN on YouTube?

Now, I am not an analyst, nor do I have inside information about Fox News’ success on YouTube. What I do know, however, is why I moved away from CNN, and ultimately moved to Fox.

I hazard a guess many others who have done the same did it for similar reasons:


  • CNN being such apologists for Biden and his abysmal policy decisions in Afghanistan they all but ignore the terrible events now happening because of them.
  • CNN’s obsession with Trump — a president who is no longer in the White House, but is still being used by CNN to inflate their views from people equally obsessed with him.
  • CNN being such Anthony Fauci fans they ignore information that he lied to Congress about gain of function in connection with coronavirus research in a Wuhan lab.
  • CNN demonizing those who do not want to or cannot be vaccinated against Covid-19. To the point they actually air opinion from fools like Don Lemon, a man who thinks the unvaccinated should be “punished”.
  • CNN so far up the rear end of Biden, the CDC, Fauci and the WHO, they lie about Covid-19 case numbers and Covid-19 treatments other than those pushed by the untrustworthy four I just mentioned.
  • CNN’s constant narrative of panic and fear over Covid-19 — a virus, by the way, that doesn’t kill 99.7% of people that contract it. No matter how much they try to tell you differently.
  • CNN no longer being an impartial news outlet, but instead now nothing more than a mouthpiece for Biden and the Democratic Party, and one with a penchant for drama and exaggeration.

These are just a few of the reasons why I no longer watch CNN on YouTube, and why Fox News has become my Go To for much of my news.



Let me just add, however, that as a now-former Democrat, I generally disagree with 50% of what Fox News commentators say, disagree with some of their guests, and am still unlikely to vote Republican in most cases in the future.

I do, however, respect their right to say it, but most importantly respect the way Fox News speaks out against Biden and the Democratic Party’s current authoritarianism when it comes to freedom of speech, freedom of opinion and freedom to decide what medical treatments we want for our own bodies.

Things that, until the Democrats came to power, was so quintessentially American many of us took it for granted.

Unlike CNN commentators and people like extreme left-wing leaning Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez whose opinions CNN always pushes, Fox News has no interest in shutting down news outlets or people that disagree with them.

In fact, while they may not like or agree with what others say, they will fight for their right to say it.

As a journalist who believes in free speech, that is more important to me than whether I agree with the politics of the people taking advantage of it.

So if, like me, you are sick of CNN and their left-leaning narratives to the point they refuse to report on news that goes against them, I invite you to also watch and keep an eye on Fox News on YouTube over the next few months.

After all, what Americans watch when it comes to news is a good indicator of where their political and social leanings lie, and if Fox News continues to skyrocket in its YouTube success, I believe it will tell you a lot about America and where the country is heading.


Michelle Topham