Frieren ED Milet’s ‘Anytime Anywhere’ gets gorgeous new music video that will grab your heart

Milet’s ‘Anytime Anywhere‘ special music video will remind you just why Frieren is so loved

The year’s biggest anime hit Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End is not only grabbing fans’ hearts around the world because of its beautiful story and wonderful characters, the gorgeous music used on its soundtrack is also contributing to that warm and fuzzy feeling we all experience as soon as the first scenes of every new episode begin.


One piece of that music, of course, is Japanese singer songwriter Milet’s ‘Anytime Anywhere‘ ending theme song.

A song that seems to just grab all those emotions you have just experienced in the latest episode of absolute feels every time it plays, and make them just a little more vibrant, and a little more touching.

But also quite a bit more poignant and sad.

And today, to make that brilliantly beautiful song devastate you just a little more, a “special music video” for the song has been released on the TOHO Animation YouTube channel that features some of the most touching scenes from this utterly wonderful anime.

Along with some of its loveliest characters shown in footage from the anime episodes released so far.

Yep, if you think Frieren couldn’t grab you more than the anime already has, just watch Milet’s ‘Anytime Anywhere‘ special music video down below, and I guarantee you will be like me now — playing that lovely thing on constant repeat via the Spotify widget below it.

Milet’s ‘Anytime Anywhere‘ lyrics

Some of the song’s quite heart-breaking lyrics by the way, go like this, just to prove to what a perfect chose for the Frieren ED ‘Anytime Anywhere‘ was:

So, if I were to be born again
I would surely choose this place once more

So, if we were to meet again
I’d never let you go, I’d choose the present

Even if no promises were made
Even if I’m lost in days of loneliness
Those tears will be alright,
dawn will surely break

(full lyrics for Milet’s ‘Anytime Anywhere‘ via the Frieren Wiki)

Watch Milet’s ‘Anytime Anywhere‘ special music video below and then, if you have not yet started watching Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End you can do that on Crunchyroll, as you are missing the absolute best anime of 2023.

Bar none.

Just ask the users of My Anime List, who recently catapulted Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End to the #1 place on that site’s Top Anime Series chart — unseating Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, an older anime that had been in the top spot forever.

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