Frieren mages Genau and Sense introduced in character videos – say hello to two ruthless exam proctors

Sense (left) and Genau – new characters in Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End

Following on from yesterday’s release of character videos for Übel and Land — two of the mages participating in the the First Class Mage Exam Arc on Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End — two more mages have been introduced today.

They are Genau (who is being played by Tarusuke Shingaki) and Sense (voiced by Haruka Terui).

Who are Frieren’s Genau and Sense?


Genau is a first-class mage affiliated with the Continental Magic Association, and is a proctor in the First Class Mage Exams.

He is known to be cold-hearted, with an unfriendly personality, as well as someone who is indifferent when any of the examinees he is watching over is injured or dies.

Genau doesn’t care if he kills people either.

On the other hand, Sense is a proctor for the second exam and, while she thinks of herself as a pacifist, she is also ruthless when forcing mages to participate in exams that are quite cruel.

In other words, while both mages might seem to be opposites of each other at first glance, they are actually more alike than different.

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End is based on the manga written by Kanehito Yamada and illustrated by Tsukasa Abe.

The anime premiered on September 29th worldwide, with its 17th episode coming out earlier this week.

Look out for Sense and Genau in the mage exams and, of course, watch the just released Sense and Genau character videos, which came out today via TOHO Animation, below.

You can watch the first 17 episodes of Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End on Crunchyroll now.