Fruits Basket 2nd season 2nd cour trailer is dramatic, dark and sad — watch

If you thought past episodes of the Fruits Basket anime series have been dramatic, wait until you watch the Fruits Basket second season second cour trailer that has just been released.

Most of what we can expect to see looks incredibly dramatic, dark and sad (I’m not going to spoil it for you. You can watch that second cour trailer below).


The almost two-minute Fruits Basket second season second cour trailer was released today — with English subtitles, you will be happy to know.

And, while some fans are still annoyed the order of some of the events have been changed compared to the popular manga series, all I can say is this new trailer makes it look as though upcoming Fruits Basket second season episodes will be giving me exactly what I’m looking for.

Come on, best girl Rin lying in a pool of blood? How scary is that?

Be warned, though, if you like your animes without spoilers, you may want to avoid watching the trailer as it does give quite a lot of information away.


The latest Fruits Basket Season 2 visual

The trailer also came along with a new key visual (see above), and information about the opening and closing themes.

The Fruits Basket Season 2 second cour opening theme will be ‘Home’ from Asako Toki. The anime’s closing theme is to be ‘Eden’ by Monkey Majik.

The first cour of the anime premiered in April, at the beginning of the COVID-19 panic. The second cour of the series will kick off sometime during this year’s summer season.

As usual, the Japanese language/English subbed version of Fruits Basket will be streaming on Crunchyroll, where Season 1 and the first cour of Season 2 is already available to watch.

The dubbed version is also streaming on Funimation, but that site is behind with the episodes as the American voice actors were forced to break during the COVID-19 panic.

Watch the exciting trailer for the second cour of the Second season of Fruits Basket below and try not to cry.

Michelle Topham