Galleaux’ ‘Strangers In The Dark’ should be licensed for a hit TV series’ soundtrack

Los Angeles-based indie pop band Galleaux released their second ever single yesterday.

Called ‘Strangers In The Dark‘, it is another song from the band with a lovely darkly romantic feel that makes it just about perfect for inclusion in a hit TV series with a darker theme.

Something that, of course, happened with Galleaux’ debut single ‘Tether‘, when that was licensed to be played on an episode of Season 5 of Lucifer a couple of months ago. The dark, often disturbing, hit urban fantasy series popular with millions of fans around the world.

TV licensing that is not something that often happens with a band’s debut single but, when you hear the beautiful composition of Galleaux’ ‘Strangers In The Dark‘, those hypnotic vocals and the rich production quality, it is easy to think it will probably happen again.

Because this new track has a similarly mesmerizing, ethereal, darkly romantic feel that would suit the soundtrack of so many of TVs top shows, and with lyrics that would perfectly fit so many dramatic scenes:

Hold on to me
For the things that I could say
Hold on to me
Remember me
When I let you drift away, will you
Remember me?

Listen to Galleaux’s ‘Tether Me’ from Lucifer, Season 5, Ep. 6 as Lucifer and Chloe finally make love


Listen to Galleaux’ ‘Strangers In The Dark‘ in the band’s YouTube video below. And, like I told you when ‘Tether Me‘ hit Lucifer, subscribe to Galleaux’ YouTube channel.

Because I have a feeling this band will just keep turning out utterly luscious, absolutely heart-breaking tracks you will fall in love with every time.


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