‘Gay or European?’ – Graham Norton Wants to Know (Video)

graham norton gay or european


Sometimes you just have to drag up a clip from a TV show a few years back, simply because it is that funny. Such is this video from a Graham Norton Show back in 2011 – a show where Graham Norton asks the very important question — is the man ‘Gay or European’?

And, yes, being British myself I’ve often asked that same question, as many European men have a completely different style than your average Brit. So much so, if most British men wore what many European men wore, most Brits would presume they were gay.

So, Graham took it upon himself to ask several men in his audience if they were ‘gay or European’, and then had his guests vote on which answer they thought was correct.

Watch John Bishop, Diane Kruger and Matthew Fox try to figure out if the man in question is gay or not. And yes, this made me scream laughing. Hope it does you too.

Michelle Topham