Gay Marriage Now Legal in Most of the United States: Yay!

gay pride flag

So, technically not a celebrity or entertainment bit of news but fabulous nevertheless.

It seems because the United States Supreme Court has just decided today (October 6th, 2014) that they’re rejecting appeals from five states trying to stop same-sex marriage from becoming law (Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin), those five states now have a gay marriage law that will be going into effect. Almost immediately.

It also means in the state I’m currently in (North Carolina), as well as in five other states (South Carolina, West Virginia, Colorado, Kansas and Wyoming), judges will now have to abide by appeals courts rulings. Rulings that allowed same-sex marriages to go ahead. Double “Yay”.


All told, 19 US states now allow same-sex marriages along with the District of Columbia, with another 11 states being added to the list after today’s Supreme Court non-rulings. More are likely to follow suit soon. And, if the US Supreme Court continues to refuse to hear appeals cases from any new states, the same result is likely.

With today’s Supreme Court refusal to hear appeals cases, once the original appeals cases are reinstituted (today? tomorrow? soon?) then same-sex marriage in the United States will be legal in states where 60 percent of the population currently live.

And, yes, this should have happened decades ago.

I mean, come on, I was involved in massive demonstrations supporting same-sex marriage in the US 20 years ago, as were tens of thousands of other Americans across the country – gay and straight – at the time.

So why has it taken so long?


Countries like Spain and Argentina have had same-sex marriage laws in effect for a fair number of years now, along with 14 other countries around the globe. Isn’t it about time this was legal in all of the US?

And isn’t it about time the narrow-minded bigots got it into their heads – same-sex marriage has little to do with what people do in the privacy of their own bedrooms but everything to do with love.

Michelle Topham