George Clooney Chased By Hordes of Sexy Italian Women in Milan, Italy

women chasing george clooney in italy

On Friday, George Clooney was in Milan to testify at the trial of three people who are accused of using Clooney’s name and image to sell a new clothing line. But, as Clooney walked out of an elevator in the courthouse, he was surrounded by women of all ages taking photographs, shouting, trying to touch him and to get his autograph.

Gracious as he always is, The Guardian reports the only thing he did say finally was “Please let my lawyer through”.

Even in the court room itself, Clooney still wasn’t safe from the obsession of hundreds of women. The court room was packed with almost all women, and one women even had to be kicked out when she was discovered taking photographs of Clooney during the trial.


The Italian judge apparently though was smart and had ordered additional security, knowing full well what crowds of admiring female fans Clooney attracts wherever he goes.

Clooney has been particularly popular in Italy since he bought a villa on Lake Como, and began dating Italian actress Elisabetta Canalis. Looks like Italy’s women still hope he’ll get bored with her and move on to one of them instead.

It’s fascinating how, even as George Clooney grows older, his fan base just seems to grow. From women around Clooney’s age (he’s just turned 49), to women in their late teens and early 20s, women of all ages love him.

Much of it is not just because of his movie star good looks but because of his type of looks. He looks like a classic 1930s movie star, a modern-day Cary Grant and is as polite and dashing too.


With so many women nowadays tired of the scruffy look and rude behavior of the typical Hollywood actor, Clooney is a refreshing change.

George Clooney was once asked, because women loved him so much, if he’d ever consider running for a political office. He laughed and said, “Run for office? No. I’ve slept with too many women, I’ve done too many drugs, and I’ve been to too many parties”. That about says it all, eh?

Meanwhile in Italy today, Clooney testified in the fraud trial for over two hours. During that time, even when faced with the people who were misusing his name and image, he was still polite, charming and funny. No wonder women the world over love him.

Michelle Topham