George Clooney’s Mean Pranks on Brad Pitt are Terrible, But Very Funny (Video)

george clooney mean pranks brad pitt

George Clooney plays mean pranks on Brad Pitt

George Clooney was on The Graham Norton Show on Friday night where Graham asked him about the pranks he’s played on Brad Pitt. Clooney admitted that, yep, he had played quite a few mean pranks on Pitt. So many in fact, because playing pranks on each other was pretty much a way of life for the two.

Clooney went on to say he had had letterhead made up with Brad Pitt’s name and address on it, and periodically he sent letters to other actors from Pitt. Of course, not telling either Pitt or the recipient he was the one who sent them.

Watch George Clooney on The Graham Norton Show talking about the mean pranks he plays on Brad Pitt. Mean, but very very funny.

And now let’s all wait and see if Clooney does get arrested (watch the video below to find out why).