Germany’s Elaiza’s New Single ‘Green’ is Catchy, Upbeat and Fun (Video)

elaiza green


You may remember, the German band Elaiza represented Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014. Frankly, I was surprised at the time they didn’t do better than they did (18th), as I thought their song ‘Is It Right?‘ was unusual, upbeat and fun. Elaiza now, however, has moved on from being thought of as a Eurovision Song Contest band, and has recently released a new single.

Called simply ‘Green‘, it’s a sweet, light, upbeat pop song, yet one that still showcases the musical influences that come from lead singer Ela’s Polish-Ukrainian beginnings.

Green‘ is from Elaiza’s debut album, Gallery. You can pick the album up on iTunes. And, of course, you can watch ‘Green’ in the video below. Catchy, isn’t it?




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