Gigi Hadid at Victoria’s Secret Pink Photo Shoot: Is She the Newest Angel?

The gorgeous Gigi Hadid has the internet abuzz with rumors she may just be the newest Victoria’s Secret Angel. That’s because Gigi retweeted a tweet yesterday from a Victoria’s Secret Pink photo shoot, and now people are asking “What does that mean? Is she the newest Angel?”

Frankly, I’m guessing it doesn’t mean anything other than exactly what it says. That Gigi Hadid was on the set of a Victoria’s Secret Pink photo shoot, sent an adorable tweet, and…….that the folks at Victoria’s Secret may be considering her as a future Angel. Who knows?

Personally, I think Gigi would be awesome as a Victoria’s Secret Angel, she’s just so darned beautiful. But, until an announcement is actually made, I’m just going to stick with what I already know.

Gigi Hadid is one of the world’s most beautiful supermodels and she’s really quite lovely to look at. Isn’t that enough?

Michelle Topham