Giji Harem’s Ayaka Nanakura introduced in cute character info graphic – Rin’s sister is adorable

Giji Harem Rin’s little sister introduced

Get ready for the latest scoop on the upcoming manga adaptation of the popular manga Giji Harem! via the anime’s official website.

Today, fresh character information has been unveiled, introducing us to Rin’s little sister Ayaka.

The introduction comes in the form of a cute Ayaka Nanakura character info graphic showing the elementary school student in her sailor suit school uniform.

Ayaka Nanakura: Rin’s Little Sister

Meet Ayaka Nanakura, an elementary school student who, being much younger, holds a special place in the hearts of both Rin and her crush, Eiji.

Despite her young age, the adorable Ayaka displays a surprising resemblance to her elder sister when interacting with classmates.

Voicing Ayaka will be voice actress Mai Narumi, whose most recent role was as Fedele in By the Grace of the Gods 2.

Background on the Giji Harem manga series

Written and illustrated by Yuu Saito, the Giji Harem manga was first given life as a Twitter web comic, which became so popular it ran for almost three years — from June 2018 to March 2021.

The manga was then published via the Monthly Shonen Sunday magazine, and was eventually released in six tankōbon volumes in Japan.

There is no word yet whether the manga will be getting an English translation but, considering it has been adapted into an anime, that is now more likely than not.

According to My Anime List, the plot of the manga/anime series goes like this:

Eiji Kitahama, a second year high school student, just wants to be popular. To help him realize this dream, Rin Nanakura, his junior in the drama club, uses her acting skills to create a harem of loving girls for him.

Though the various “girls” all show fondness toward Eiji, the affection of the actress behind them is very real. Rin’s colorful acting continuously delights Eiji, but will the starlet herself ever make her way into his heart?

Behind the scenes of the Giji Harem anime

Toshihiro Kikuchi, renowned for his work on Bungo Stray Dogs WAN!, takes the directorial helm for the anime adaptation, which is being carried out by anime studio Nomad (Koikimo).

Yuko Kakihara (Koikimo) is in charge of series composition, Yoshihisa Satou (Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution 3 animation director) is the anime’s character designer, and Takeshi Watanabe (Life with an Ordinary Guy who Reincarnated into a Total Fantasy Knockout) is composing the anime’s soundtrack.

While excitement brews for the Giji Harem anime’s debut, a concrete release date is still under wraps.

Stay tuned for more updates as we eagerly anticipate the arrival of this cute sounding rom-com anime and, of course, check out the very cute looking Giji Harem teaser trailer below.


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