Girls’ Last Tour opening song ‘Ugoku, Ugoku’ belies sadness of this superb anime series — Best Anime Songs

When it comes to the Best Anime Songs, it is not possible to leave out the Girls’ Last Tour opening song ‘Ugoku, Ugoku‘. An OP that is so upbeat and sweet it belies the sadness of this superb anime series.

A series I binge watched a few months ago in just one day.


Because Girls’ Last Tour (Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou in Japanese), for all of its lovely relationship between the two protagonists Chito and Yuuri, is one of the most touching and most heart-breaking animes you will ever watch.

As even when it seems to end on somewhat of a hopeful note, it becomes obvious as the end credits roll that, due to the situation they are in, things will not end well for Chito and Yuuri.

After all, the two girls are the last two survivors in a devastated war-torn city and, as they keep driving up and up and up on their old military motorbike, it seems obvious there will eventually be nowhere left to go.

That being said, Girls’ Last Tour is one of the most beautifully and lovingly animated series I have seen, with a unique and beautifully-written storyline, superb voice acting and one of the most beautiful soundtracks you will hear. (The soundtrack is currently on YouTube — listen to it, as it is the most gorgeous thing).


With both the opening song ‘Ugoku, Ugoku‘ by Chito (Inori Minase) & Yuuri (Yurika Kubo), and the ending song ‘More One Night” also sung by Inori Minase and Yurika Kubo being both such awesome songs, it was hard to choose one or the other for Leo Sigh’s Best Anime Songs list.

Needless to say, while the opening song is going on the list right now, we will probably be back for ‘More One Night‘ soon.

Listen to the Girls’ Last Tour opening song ‘Ugoku, Ugoku‘ in the video below.

Michelle Topham