Goat Simulator: April Fool or the World’s Dumbest Game?

Do you like animals? Do you love playing weird games? Are you a fan of strange humor and weird antics? Then you are going to love Goat Simulator, a new game from Coffee Stain Studios that was released today, April 1st, and is leaving gamers asking “Goat Simulator? An awesome game or the weirdest April Fool’s joke ever?”

Well….when even the developer calls it “the world’s dumbest game”, you really have to wonder.

What Goat Simulator actually is nothing more than you controlling a goat that has just escaped from its enclosure and is out in the world happily head-butting walls, fences, cars, gas pumps, people – you name it, you can head-butt it. Other than that, there’s not really that much to it.

Get into car accidents, destroy property, murder a couple of people – they’ll all win you ‘achievements’ and score you points. The more points you get, the cooler goat you are — apparently.


You can also search for golden goat collectibles, complete certain missions (which are dead easy), and lick things for hours.

You fall a lot, you bounce a lot, you explode a lot but, weirdly, you don’t seem to die.

Goat Simulator has a main game that will probably take you around 60 to 90 minutes to complete, depending on how much ‘goating around’ you do and how many things your goat head-butts.

Add in the goat modifiers in the custom mode and you’ll probably get a few hours of hilarious fun out of this $10 simulator game.

And, yes, it is hilarious because, as fast as your goat is falling down, being catapulted high in the air, slamming its head into oil tankers until its neck bends, its tongue lolls out and it looks dead, even if it’s cringeworthy you can’t look away and the goat’s antics do make you laugh.


You can pick up Goat Simulator at the Goat Simulator website for just 10 bucks and it may end up being the best 10 bucks you spend on a game all year. Or……maybe not.

Don’t miss The Yogscast’s Lewis and Simon playing Goat Simulator in the video below either. Simon’s reactions alone are well worth the watch.

Michelle Topham