God of War 3 Getting Remastered for PS4 Sony Says: Release Date in July (Video)


The hugely popular God of War 3 is being remastered for a PS4 release Sony says, with a release date of July 14th to help celebrate the 10th year anniversary of the series. Updates will include 1080p graphics, a photo mode, and a slew of other additions.

Getting God of War 3 remastered for PS4 is sure to be a huge hit with many gamers. After all, when the game was initially released in 2010 on PS3, it was one of the most highly rated games by game critics everywhere, particularly for its incredible graphics, its voice acting and its combat system. It also garnered millions of fans new and old.


Sony now also has an announce trailer out for the God of War 3 remastered version, and I have to say it’s peaking my interest, as the game does look beautiful. Watch it below.


Michelle Topham