GOG Adds New Movie Catalog of DRM-Free Indie Films: I’m So Stoked

gog drm free movie catalogue


Because I run a celebrity website, many people assume I’m so wrapped up in what the rich and famous are doing, I don’t spend my time doing much else. That couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, one of my biggest loves is video games. So much so, when I’m not writing for Leo Sigh and other sites online, I’m often at my computer — gaming. Yep, I’m a hardcore gamer and I can kick some major ass.


So where is this all going? To GOG, of course. The best and cheapest website online for DRM-free games and the place where I buy most of my games. That’s because I hate DRM in games in any shape or form, and GOG provides all their games DRM-free

But…….this week, GOG just got even better when they announced the addition of a brand new GOG movie catalog of DRM-free movies, to go with their DRM-free games. Indie movies like ‘Please Subscribe‘, which delves into the world of YouTube personalities, ‘Indie Game: The Movie‘ — a movie about making independent video games, and the odd, quirky and kinky movie ‘Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony‘.

All the movies in the GOG DRM-free movies catalogue are currently only $5.99, and that includes extras, subtitles in a gazillion languages, commentaries, digital posters, deleted scenes and more. And, while there are only 21 movie in the GOG DRM-free catalogue, they’re going to be adding at least one new movie a week.

I’m already making plans to buy ‘Bronies’, (those guys just look too cool not to find out more about them), ‘My Other Me: A Film About Cosplayers’, and ‘Please Subscribe’.

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Michelle Topham