Goodbye, Dragon Life trailer shows Dolan’s first meeting with Celina, who’s more flirty than scary

An anime adaptation of the massively popular Japanese light novel Goodbye, Dragon Life was announced today, with both an X account and an official website arriving at the same time.

Along with the announcement, we also received the fantasy anime’s first key visual, which features protagonist Dolan standing in front of his former dragon self, and a Goodbye, Dragon Life trailer that shows the anime seems to be well on its way to being produced.

First Goodbye, Dragon Life key visual features protagonist Dolan with his former magnificent dragon self behind him

The Goodbye, Dragon Life anime is being animated by animation studio SynergySP, who has recently done a fabulous job with Mr. Villain’s Day Off, with Kenichi Nishida (Episode Director of Sacrificial Princess and the King of Beasts) directing.

Director of Tokyo 24th Ward Naokatsu Tsuda is in charge of series composition this time, and Nozomi Kawashige (Battle Game in 5 Seconds) is creating those beautiful-looking character designs.

What is the Goodbye, Dragon Life plot about?

Goodbye, Dragon Life (aka  Sayonara Ryūsei, Konnichiwa Jinse) is based on the light novel series written by Hiroaki Nagashima and illustrated by Kisuke Ichimaru.

The plot goes something like this:

Dolan, a simple villager words hard in the fields, and occasionally hunts for food. He lives a quiet life, and is overall very happy.

Dolan, however, is not all he seems as hundreds of years before, he was actually the most powerful dragon there has ever been. A dragon that was eventually killed by a Hero.

But that wasn’t the end for the dragon as Dolan suddenly reawakened but, this time, instead of being reborn as his dragon self, he is now a normal human man.

One day, Dolan is exploring a swamp after hearing monsters in it are attacking people, and comes across Celina. She is a lamia — part human and part snake — and is looking for a partner but, because most people are afraid of her, that seems impossible.

Soon the pair become close, but suddenly find themselves having to deal with problems forced upon them by outside forces.

The light novel series currently has 23 volumes out in Japanese, with a later manga adaptation heading towards 12 volumes already.

An English manga is currently being digitally published by Alpha Manga.

Character designs of Goodbye, Dragon Life‘s Dolan and Celina are out

Character designs of both Dolan and Celina have also been released, alongside photos of their voice actors — Shunsuke Takeuchi (Teppa Murakami in Revenger) who plays Dolan and Hitomi Sekine (Koyuzu in Otaku Elf) who plays Celina.


Shunsuke Takeuchi as Dolan


Hitomi Sekine  as Celina

First Goodbye, Dragon Life trailer showcases Dolan’s first meeting with Celina

Watch the first Goodbye, Dragon Life trailer, which shows Dolan as his dragon self dies planning on taking his soul to the depths of the underworld and, once there, falling into an eternal sleep.

Problem is, life has a way of spoiling his plans, and soon Dolan is enjoying village life as a handsome young man.

Dolan’s first meeting with Celina follows, with the lamia seeming to be quite a bit more flirty than dangerous.

The trailer then shows Dolan and Celina getting closer, until it ends with Dolan asking “What do you think, Celina? Should we live together?”

There is no word yet on when Goodbye, Dragon Life will premiere. We’ll give you that information as soon as its announced.

Until then, this one looks incredibly promising, doesn’t it?


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