Google’s Stadia sounds even worse with news that games not cheaper than on consoles

Now, when Google announced their upcoming new cloud gaming service Stadia back in May, I immediately called it as another future fail for Google when it comes to the video gaming world.

After all, their last foray into video gaming — the YouTube Gaming app — ended with the world’s biggest video site shutting it down earlier this year, due to YouTube gamers and game fans simply not using it.

Google has also been desperately trying to compete with Twitch for several years now when it comes to live streaming gameplay and, again, Google’s attempts have been a massive fail.

Now, with Stadia, I predict the same will happen.

After all, kicking off a cloud gaming service when half the planet doesn’t have Internet fast enough to handle it, and the other half happily plays on Steam or one of a half dozen other popular services, why on earth would anyone migrate to Stadia?

With the latest news about Stadia, however, failure seems to be even more likely.

Stadia games will not be cheaper than on consoles

With this week’s news via Eurogamer that games on Google’s Stadia will not only not be any cheaper than games on consoles, but will also require a $10 monthly fee to access the fast speeds of the streaming service, I am left again shaking my head at Google’s arrogance and ineptitude.

After all, with so many reasons why Google’s Stadia is already going to struggle against existing game platforms, with games being just as expensive on Stadia as on consoles, honestly, what possible reason could there be to buy them?

You will not own your games on Stadia

But the big reason for me why Stadia just sounds worse and worse with this week’s news that games will not be any cheaper on it is this.

YOU WILL NOT OWN YOUR GAMES ON STADIA!!!!! (Bolded, and written in red just so that you understand that)

That’s right.

Every Stadia game you pay full price for is basically just a rental. A game you are not actually buying, but are just paying for the right to play it.

A rental Google can pull from Stadia at any point. Even if you have paid full price for it, and still have not finished the game.

Should Stadia close down, as well, your games will likely go with it.

In fact, Stadia chief Phil Harrison only seems to have one ‘selling point’ for why anyone should use Stadia.

“The value you get from the game on Stadia means you can play it on any screen in your life – TV, PC, laptop, tablet, phone,”

Alrighty then.

So let me ask you this.

How often do you, as a gamer, actually switch from your PC to your laptop to your TV, or to your tablet or phone, and would love to be able to continue to play the game you are in the middle of playing? And, when you do, will you have Internet access to be able to play the game on all your devices as, remember, that is required.

Once a week? A couple of times a week? Never?

Now, in order to be able to switch your gameplay to different devices, would you pay $10 a month, plus the full price of a game that you will never own just for the privilege of being able to play it on any device, and at somewhat iffy speeds?

All I can say is delusional is the only word that comes to mind when I think about Harrison and anyone else at Stadia, if they think this is a service that will sell to more than a privileged or clueless few.

Now watch YouTube’s RGT 85’s video as to why he thinks Stadia will fail. And remember, he recorded his opinion on this before we found out the cost of games on Stadia will be full price.

And yes, I agree with him about everything.

Michelle Topham