GORGEOUS Spy Classroom Season 2 key visual and trailer promise HIGH-ACTION

Spy Classroom Season 2 trailer showcases all our favorite girls

One of the strange anime from the Winter 2023 anime season was the fantasy action series Spy Classroom. An anime that, from its original light novel material, held such promise.

But, from the way it was adapted, and with such odd pacing, ended up being an anime that was disappointing for some of its target audience.

That being said, I enjoyed Spy Classroom immensely, even with its weak first half (it gets much better from Episode 6 on), which is why I was happy to see Spy Classroom, Season 2 getting a new key visual and trailer earlier today.

Especially as the artwork on the Spy Classroom, Season 2 key visual is gorgeous (see below), and the accompanying trailer promises even more luscious visuals in the upcoming season.

New Spy Classroom, Season 2 key visual with Lily and Thea upfront and center

A season in which we will learn more about that cliffhanger Season 2 ended so abruptly on, and about the new mission the girls will be heading out on.

Spy Classroom, Season 2 details

The second season of Spy Classroom is again being directed by Keiichirou Kawaguchi (Higurashi: When They Cry – GOU), with Shinichi Inozume back in charge of series composition, and Sumie Kinoshita again providing those gorgeous character designs.

Studio feel is also back in charge of anime production.

Spy Classroom is based on the light novel series by written by Takemachi and illustrated by Tomari.

Yen Press is publishing the novels in English, with five volumes currently out and a sixth one due in August. They are also publishing the manga adaptation, with three volumes in publication so far.

Yen has this to say about the Spy Classroom plot:

In a world torn apart by war and ruled by intelligence, Lily-code name Flower Garden-is determined to become a master spy and help bring peace to the nation. So, when she’s offered to join an elite squad that takes on Impossible Missions with 90 percent mortality rates, she’s ecstatic…until she finds out that said “elite squad” is made up entirely of spy academy washouts, like her.

But each and every one of them has the potential to change the world, and under the tutelage of master spy Klaus, it’s time for them to bloom!

Spy Classroom, Season 2 is due to premiere on July 23rd, but you can watch the first season now via HIDIVE.

Now watch the new Spy Classroom, Season 2 trailer below, and check out all the high-action we can expect.

Along with the plethora of cute “washouts” and high action, it also includes a snippet of the anime’s new opening theme song ‘Rakuen‘ by Nonoc.