Graham Norton Gets Love Letter from a Fan: Made His Day

Many thanks to the nice lady who squeezed this note into my hand at St. Pancras station! #mademyday

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I always wonder why so many people don’t seem to understand celebrities need to know that they’re loved as well. Yet many people seem to think, because a singer, actor or author has fame, and money, and is always in the public eye, they don’t need to be told how much they mean to us.

So it was sweet to see and, of course, a confirmation, when British talk show host Graham Norton uploaded a photo to his Instagram account of a note someone pushed into his hand at St. Pancras Station in London the other day.


From a “nice lady”, as Graham said, the note just simply says, “Dear Graham, We love you”, followed by three kisses.

Norton’s hashtag response? #mademyday

How sweet is that.

Michelle Topham