Graham Norton on #NOWTHATCHERSDEAD and Other Funny Hashtags: Memories Monday

chersdead hashtag graham norton

I watch more YouTube videos than your average person. On a good day? Probably over a hundred. On a bad day? Close to 200.

What that means, however, is I come across some absolutely amazing celebrity-related things — often from years ago. Things I’ve either never seen before, or completely forgotten existed. But things, nevertheless, that should be never allowed to fall through the cracks.

That is why I’m starting a “Memories Monday” section today, where I can spotlight some of the things celebrities have been involved in that are hilarious, smart, crazy or just plain weird.

And the first one in the series, of course, just has to be a Graham Norton video. Because, not only does he do some of the best celebrity interviews ever, anywhere, period, but he’s just a funny man himself.

Today’s Graham Norton video on “Memories Monday” is from back in October, 2013, where Graham talks about Margaret Thatcher’s death and what that meant for Cher. Remember the hashtag #NOWTHATCHERSDEAD? You don’t?

Watch Graham, and Cher, explain it for you below.

Michelle Topham