Graham Norton’s Commentary of Eurovision 2014 is Fabulously Funny (Video)

graham norton commentary eurovision 2014

I missed Graham Norton’s commentary of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, as I’m currently outside the UK. But, I was fortunate enough to catch Norton’s commenting on the final voting during Eurovision 2014 on a YouTube video today and he is fabulously funny.

From snide comments about announcer’s dress styles to sarcastic putdowns of pro-Russian Eastern European countries and their votes, (although he did think it bad the 17-year-old Russian girls were booed so much), Graham Norton made the otherwise can-be-a-bit-long Eurovision final voting hilarious.

My favorite comment, however, was in response to the announcer from Finland, who just happens to be a rapper and insisted on showing off his rapping skills (or lack,thereof) – “Oh that wasn’t embarrassing at all. Well done”, said in typical Graham Norton style made me howl with laughter.

If you missed it too, you can watch it below. And, of course, don’t miss the winning entry – Austria’s fabulous Conchita Wurst.