Graham Norton’s First Ever TV Appearance: Memories Monday (Video)

graham norton the late late show first tv appearance


For Leo Sigh’s Memories Monday feature today, I’m showing you a video of British talk show host Graham Norton when he was on Ireland’s The Late Late Show on RTÉ One last year.

What’s fabulous about this video, though, isn’t that Norton is on a popular Irish talk show, although he is as entertaining as he always is, it’s more about the video that the host, Ryan Tubridy, shows the audience.


A video of the first TV appearance Graham Norton ever made. Back when he was just a lad of about 17 or so. And it’s fascinating because, frankly, more than 30 years later, if you closed your eyes and didn’t actually look at that very handsome Irish lad, you would know without a doubt it’s Graham Norton.

He sounds exactly the same. Even down to talking just the same as he does now — completely sure of himself and as if you’re a bit of an idiot.

Watch Graham Norton’s first TV appearance in the Memories Monday video below. Isn’t that fabulous?



Michelle Topham