Graham Norton’s Guests Talk About Worst Hotel Experiences Ever (Video)

judi dench graham norton worst hotel experiences ever

Graham Norton had a segment on his popular talk show on the worst hotel experiences last week, one in which he read Tripadvisor reviews to his guests — Dame Judi Dench, Dev Patel, Sharon Horgan and Rob Delane  — reviews that were absolutely hilarious, especially because it seemed every hotel reviewed had a problem with poop.


When it comes to hotels, however, Judi Dench explained how she always stays in the same hotel in London. A hotel where she gets her own monogrammed dressing gown. Which would be perfect for Johnny Depp too. (J.D., you know)

Sharon Horgan also talked about her first job after leaving school — as a chambermaid in a hotel, a hotel she couldn’t even remember the name of the experience was so memorable — and, yes, poop figured quite markedly in that story as well.

Watch below.

Michelle Topham