Gregorian’s ‘Masters of Chant’ Is a Very Cool Song and a Fun German Eurovision National Selection Entry (Video)

gregorian masters of chant

When it comes to Eurovision national selection competitions, Germany always puts on one of the best. So it wasn’t surprising on Thursday night to have several songs and singers during their ‘Unser Lied für Stockholm‘ that could quite easily have done well at Eurovision 2016.


Case in point, this song and performance from Gregorian with ‘Masters of Chant‘, which was unusual enough (and cheesy enough and epic enough in true Eurovision style, frankly) that it could have done well at Eurovision 2016.

The eventual winner of Germany’s national selection, of course, was Jamie-Lee Kriewitz and her now-Eurovision 2016 entry ‘Ghost and, yes, she should do very well.

But do watch Gregorian with ‘Masters of Chant‘ in the video below. They gave a very worthy performance.


Michelle Topham