Guild Starter Skyrim Mod: Recruit NPCs to Join and Assign Jobs (Voices)

Creating a guild in the world of Skyrim has never been easier, now that a Skyrim mod called Guild Starter has been released.

The mod allows you to recruit NPCs to join your guild and then assign them tasks to perform – things like stealing, assassination and hunting.

To get started, once the mode is downloaded, The Skyrim Guild Starter installs a Guild Headquarters marker in your inventory. Choose an appropriate location for your Skyrim guild, and drop the headquarters marker right there.Then you can begin recruiting NPCs as guild members.


What’s great about this is most NPCs are able to join guilds and, as some are vitally important to storylines and side quests, they can really help your mastery of the game.

For more information on the Skyrim Guild Starter mod, check out the extremely informative Brodual video below, and then head over to Skyrim Nexus to download it.


Michelle Topham