Haikyu!! To The Top Blu-ray with English dub released – 24 episodes plus 2 OVAs

Fans of the Production I.G. series Haikyu!! will be interested in one of Sentai Filmworks latest Blu-ray releases.

That is because the Haikyu!! To The Top Blu-ray, the fourth season of the hit volleyball anime series, is out at Sentai Filmworks as of today.

The new Blu-ray release also includes a full English dub.


Along with the entire 25 episodes of the fourth and final season of the anime, the Blu-ray also features some cool extras.

The Haikyu!! To The Top Blu-ray release extras include:

  • Japanese language soundtrack with English subtitles, and an English dub
  • 2 Clean Opening Animation
  • 13 Clean Closing Animations
  • OVA] Land vs. Air and [OVA] The Path of the Ball



The anime series comes on 3 discs, for a total runtime of 675 minutes, with Sentai describing the anime like this:

Once again, determination and teamwork have helped the Karasuno High School volleyball team to qualify for the upcoming Nationals. Then, just as everything is starting to gel, the team is temporarily broken apart as two members are asked to attend special training camps, with Kageyama attending the prestigious All-Japan camp and Tsukishima invited to a special camp for first-years in Miyagi.

While the rest of the Karasuno team doggedly continues their own practice matches, Hinata feels that he is being left behind. His audacious solution, crashing the rookie training camp, catches everyone off guard, yet he somehow manages to talk his way into being allowed to stay… even if it is only watching from the sidelines.

That change of perspective may be just what Hinata needs to advance his game up to the next level.

Watch the Haikyu!! to the Top English dub trailer below, and then grab the Haikyu!! To The Top Blu-ray now at Sentai Filmworks.


Michelle Topham