Halloween-themed Demon Slayer merchandise is cuter than cute — LOOK!

Japanese animation studio Ufotable has just released a series of Halloween-themed Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba illustrations that are incredibly cute.


The new Demon Slayer art was shown off on the official Twitter account of Ufotable WEBSHOP Global today (see tweet at the end of this post), along with a link to where fans can buy that cuter than cute artwork on Halloween-themed Demon Slayer merchandise. Yay!

The merchandise includes button badges, decoration tape (washi tape), acrylic figures, clear files, cups, cup sleeves, napkins, bags and pouches.

Many of the items are sold as ‘one random item out of a group of six or nine items’ so, when you order, you won’t know which one you will get until it arrives.

Oh, and  unfortunately, there are no t-shirts.


The Halloween-themed Demon Slayer cup sleeves are adorable

The Halloween-themed Demon Slayer merchandise is affordable too, with acrylic figures selling for just ¥1,089 (approximately $9.50), button badges for ¥666 (around $6), and ¥1,210 (around $10.75).

The Ufotable WEBSHOP Global currently ships to the United States, Canada and Australia, but plans to add new shipping areas soon.

Check out all the Halloween-themed Demon Slayer merchandise in their global shop.



Michelle Topham