Halsey Sings ‘Colors’ Live at The Fonda and She’s Sexy, Beautiful and Perfect (Video)

halsey colors live at the fonda

Art pop/electro pop singer Halsey was at The Fonda in Los Angeles back in November as part of her Badlands Tour.

This week, she released a video from the concert. Halsey performing ‘Colors‘ live.

Colors‘ is from Halsey’s debut album Badlands.

An album that hit number 2 on the U.S. charts when it was released back in August, and was just certified Gold last month.

It is the third single from the album, and will be officially released on February 9th.

The song is also a track critics and fans have suggested was written by Halsey about her relationship with The 1975’s frontman Matty Healy.

For me, ‘Colors‘ is the most addictive song from Badlands (which is a superb album, by the way) as, with the melody and those beautiful lyrics, it is one of those tracks that worms its way into your mind and is still popping up days later just to remind you it’s still there.

And, with this live version of the song, you get Halsey in all her glory.

The bold, self-possessed stage presence. The way she is unabashedly sexy without even trying. The voice that is just as perfectly captivating live as it is recorded.

The performance is especially nice as Halsey was sick when she gave this concert, which is why her voice is deeper and a little more throaty than normal.

Personally, even though that is a temporary sound, I like it.