Harry Styles Ice Bucket Challenge Involves Water from a Great Height (Video)

harry styles ice water challenge als


One Direction’s Harry Styles has joined hundreds of other singers who recently completed the Ice Bucket Challenge club, finally doing his version for ALS research this week with a twist.

Not content to just do the regular Ice Bucket Challenge, however, Styles decided to do his by standing next to a building and having someone a couple of stories up dump the bucket of ice water on his head. This had the effect of hitting him a lot harder than it would have done if he’d just done the challenge like normal people (just kidding!).


Funnily too, right after the ice water hit him, Harry Style’s next priority was making sure his hair looked okay.

Harry styles isn’t the only One Direction member to take the challenge, though. Every one has now done it except for Zayn Malik, but he does have a very reasonable excuse if he doesn’t manage to do it. His 3-year-old cousin has just been diagnosed with a brain tumour so, obviously, the Malik family is occupied with other concerns.

Michelle Topham