Hat Films Does Minecraft Feed the Beast Better Than Anyone


Hat Films does Minecraft Feed the Beast – awesomely

If you haven’t come across Hat Films Minecraft Feed the Best series on YouTube yet, you’re missing a treat. A trio of British lads — Ross, Chris and Alex — Hat Films started out in university doing short films but moved onto YouTube Minecraft videos quickly.

Not content to just throw up Minecraft videos and rake in the cash, however, Hat Films produce professional quality videos with a camera that switches to each player’s perspective throughout the game — making them much more fun to watch than the usual one-player viewpoint. They also include death stats in their videos.

Initially known for their ‘Skylands’ series, Hat Films Minecraft Feed the Best series debuted on February 11th with a ‘How to Install Feed the Beast’ video.

Since then, they’ve recorded 73 videos in the series and all are well worth watching.


So successful have the Hat Films videos been, they were recently signed up by The Yogscast, the most successful gaming channel ever on YouTube and have been doing a slew of collaboration videos with them ever since.

To start watching the Hat Films Minecraft Feed the Beast videos, check out their first video below. It’s a tutorial that will get you started playing with the FTB mod pack, as well as entertain you Hat Films style. Personally, I think it’s one of the best Feed the Beast videos on YouTube.

Michelle Topham