Heads Up: Christina Perri on The Today Show, Monday July 28th, 2014

If you’re a massive fan of Christina Perri, like I am, you’ll want to make a note she’s appearing on The Today Show on Monday, July 28th. (That’s already today for me, tomorrow for some of you yet), where she’ll be singing a couple of live songs.


Awesome news, as it’s back last December since she last appeared on the show.

I’m psyched too, as it’s my birthday today, so I can’t imagine a more perfect birthday gift than to be able to see Christina Perri perform live on The Today Show. She’s just so purdy!

As for Christina herself, she’s already promoting her upcoming performance on the show on her Twitter account with a couple of exceedingly beautiful promo ads for you to check out (see above).

Lovely, eh?