HIGH CARD creditless ending animation has characters jamming while driving to the cool ED while song plays on the car radio

The gorgeous visual style continues from HIGH CARD today with the release of the show’s creditless ending animation.

Just like its Hollywood-esque opening animation a few days ago, the HIGH CARD creditless ending animation shows off the show’s stunning visual style, as it features the anime’s main characters driving in various classic cars as they jam along to the ending theme song — Squad!‘ by Meychan.

In an even cuter touch, the theme song itself is shown playing on the car’s radio as they motor down the road.

The HIGH CARD anime has been somewhat of a sleeper hit this season, with fans raving about its plot, characters, high-energy action and, of course, the anime’s two cool theme songs.

The show itself was created by Kakegurui creator Homura Kawamoto — so no wonder it is different than many of the other anime series this season — and is directed by Junichi Wada (WorldEnd: What do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us?).

The original character design is by Ebimo, with Kazuhiko Inukai, Shingo Nagai and Kenichi Yamashita writing scripts, and Nozomi Kawano (Radiant) in charge of the character design based on Ebimo’s original work.

Takashi Hashimoto (Tower of God) is the animation director, with Studio Hibari (Assassination Classroom) is producing the anime.

Check out the just released HIGH CARD creditless ending animation featuring ‘Squad!‘ by Meychan below.

Now isn’t that the most unique, coolest ending you have seen in a while?

And, if you haven’t checked out HIGH CARD yet (and you really should), the anime is streaming on Crunchyroll.