Hollow Regalia, Vol 4 cover (light novel) revealed – pre-order open now

Fans of the action fantasy light novel Hollow Regalia may want to count their money right about now as Volume 4 is on its way.


Yen Press is publishing the light novels via their Yen On imprint, and have just revealed the Hollow Regalia, Volume 4 cover art (see above).

The light novel itself is due to be published on April 16th, 2024 in both paperback and digital editions.

The plot, of course, carries on from Volume 3 with Yen Press describing the events like this:

Yahiro and the others journey to Kyoto aboard Galerie Berith’s armored train. There, they hope to discover the truth about Japanese people having transformed into moujuu.

The train screeches to a halt when soldiers stationed at Nagoya demand a toll-the Regalia: a crimson gem that is…fusing with Ayaho?!

There’s no way Yahiro or Iroha will hand her over, but how will they keep everyone else safe and escape a barrage of attacks from soldiers and moujuu?

The Hollow Regalia light novel series is written by Gakuto Mikumo and illustrated by Miyuu, and follows a girl who is a dragon and a boy who is a dragon slayer in a post-apocalyptic world where the Japanese no longer exist.

You will also see the popular light novel series called Utsuronaru Regalia, and 虚ろなるレガリア in Japanese.

Head to Yen Press now to pre-order Hollow Regalia, Volume 4 so you don’t miss out.