How and when to take part in Nintendo’s ARMS Global Testpunch this weekend

How do you take part in this weekend’s Nintendo ARMS Global Testpunch? And when is it going on?

If you have not yet played the hugely successful Nintendo Switch fighting game ARMS, this weekend could be your chance. Because, yet again, Nintendo is kicking off an ARMS Global Testpunch that will allow you to play the game for free.

How to take part in the ARMS Global Testpunch?

Download the ARMS Global Testpunch software from the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch, launch it and from then on you can play online multiplayer matches with others from Friday 25th August at 16:00 BST until the Testpunch ends on Sunday 27th August at 21:00 BST.

And, if that amount of ARMS love isn’t enough, Nintendo is also showcasing an ARMS tournament on Saturday August 26th at Gamescom. You can watch that live on their YouTube channel.


For more on ARMS, which is a pretty phenomenal game by the way, check out the Lola Pop video below. She is the new and very cool ARMS fighter that will be joining the game soon.

Michelle Topham

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