How bad is Left Alive? This Left Alive walkthrough will show you

Want to know if Left Alive is really that bad? This Left Alive walkthrough may help

Now, I don’t normally watch walkthroughs of really terrible games. After all, who has time.

But, I was interested to see just how bad the new Square Enix game Left Alive actually is, considering it got terrible reviews in Japan when it was released there last week.

So I found a YouTuber currently uploading a Left Alive walkthrough, and watched the first two videos in his series to find out.

After all, with the Japanese complaining about everything from the Left Alive graphics to buggy controls, impotent weapons, badly-timed auto saves, poor character motion and even worse graphics, I was interested to see if all of this was true.

The YouTube gamer currently streaming and then uploading his Left Alive walkthrough is Play Games and, from a couple of things he has said in the comments, he does not seem so thrilled with the new Square Enix shooter either.

He is planning on playing the game through to completion, however, so if you do want to see if the game is as bad as people say, and how Left Alive ends, this is the YouTuber to watch.

Play Games is also playing the game on the PS4 PRO, and with no commentary. Something I prefer in my game walkthroughs.

For me, during the two videos of the game I watched, I wouldn’t say Left Alive is quite as bad as some people say.

Then again, I am not the one playing the game and struggling with the poor auto-saves and buggy controls.

I will say, however, I thought the voice acting was quite good (although if I hear “Caution, the enemy is approaching” one more time, I’ll throw something through my computer screen!), and the graphics, although poor, are not as terrible as some reviewers have said.

Would I buy Left Alive, though?

No, not as it plays and looks now.

Which leads me to the question, knowing how bad this game is compared to so many other shooters on the market at the moment, why on earth would Square Enix release it in its current state?

Particularly as they got slammed back in 2010 for their Front Mission Evolved, another game based in the Front Mission world that was truly awful.

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