How Did Adam DeVine Get His Start in Comedy? He Was Hit By a Cement Truck (Video)

How did comedian Adam DeVine get his start in comedy? Surprisingly, according to DeVine, who was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week, he got hit be a cement truck when he was 11 and couldn’t walk for two years.

So, he spent much of his time watching stand-up comedians on TV and comedy shows, and it was then he realized that is exactly what he wanted to do himself.

“I was just one of those kids who loved watching stand-up, and I had one of those experiences a lot of comics have. Where something sort of pushes you in. Because you have got to be a little bit crazy to do stand-up comedy.”

And that was when DeVine explained how being hit by a cement truck. “I could’ve read books — I could be a doctor right now — but instead I tell penis jokes on television”.

Watch Adam DeVine on Ellen this week in the video below.