How Difficult is Minecraft Hardcore: It’s Bloody Terrible (Videos)

How difficult is Minecraft Hardcore? About as hard as you might expect

How difficult is Minecraft Hardcore? Well, all I can say is I’m having a grand old time watching Let’s Player Kikoskia show how difficult it is.

So difficult in fact, his first attempt lasted all of about 20 seconds. Why? Well, just watch where he spawned!


During his second attempt of playing Minecraft Hardcore, he spawned on a teeny tiny island in the middle of nowhere with nothing but…….one tree. While he spent a bit too much time collecting seeds, he did at least manage to build a crafting table and a chest during this attempt.

Then he made a furnace, dug for coal but found none and eventually ended up spending the night sitting in a teeny tiny dark hut with just one block hole so he could avoid the monsters and see the dawn rise.

Because that’s the problem with Minecraft hardcore. The minute you step outside in even just the teeniest tiniest bit of darkness, you are immediately surrounded by mobs and, unless you’re geared up with some pretty amazing armor, you are all but done.

So what happened in Kikoskia’s second attempt at playing Minecraft hardcore?

Check out the video below to find out.



Michelle Topham