How Does Demi Moore Stay Looking So Good at Age 48?

demi moore

Demi Moore, or Mrs. Ashton Kutcher is one of the hottest women in Hollywood – and she’s 48. With an amazing body, beautiful skin and gorgeous hair, Demi Moore is the love object of many American men precisely because she’s no hot young thing.

She’s mature, beautiful and a real woman and, at almost 50, when most American women have gone to pot, Demi Moore is hotter than she’s ever been.

In fact, if you believe the latest Demi Moore banging body photos on TMZ, looks like she’s never going to age at all. So how does she do it?

A Healthy Diet – For years, Demi Moore has stuck to a healthy diet. She eats tons of fruit and vegetables, tends to stick to organic products where possible and doesn’t over indulge. That doesn’t mean she never eats an ice cream or a bit of chocolate. It just means, unlike most American women her age, she takes care of her health by eating right, and that bikini body proves it.

In the past, Moore has been known to do a ‘Master Cleanse’, getting rid of all the toxins and poisons in her body. She’s also been on a raw food diet for a long time (no processed foods and nothing cooked at above 118 degrees). If just about anyone followed a similar health diet to Demi Moore, they’d also have friends asking them how they managed to lose so much weight, and had they had plastic surgery.

Exercise – Even though Demi Moore has had three kids, her body still looks like an 18 year old’s (did you check out those Demi Moore bikini photos yet?). Not surprising really, when you see how much intensive exercise she does. Pilates, yoga and constant cardio have been Moore’s faves for years.

She’s been in the news for the last three decades, with numerous stories about her exercise program and how she works out to get into shape for each new movie role. Once pregnant and naked on the cover of Vanity Fair, (and she still looked hot), she lost all that weight in no time for her next movie role and has continued to do it ever since.

For ‘GI Jane’, she bulked up to look like a typical army recruit in just a couple of months and, for ‘Charlie’s Angels’, knowing she was going to filmed in a bikini coming out of the ocean, she dropped a full dress size.

As far as exercise goes, what Demi Moore essentially does, is what most American women don’t. As soon as she sees herself gaining some weight, she goes right back to the gym and works out extensively, exercising (and eating) her way back into shape. Seriously, anybody could do it if they spent enough time. Most of us are just too lazy.

Lots of Sex – Finally, Demi Moore says she stays hot because she makes sure she has a lot of sex. With Ashton Kutcher as her husband, (and we all know how much stamina 32 year old guys have as oppose to 50 year olds), it’s not surprising she has so much sex.

Just about any other woman in America would too, if they were married to him.

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