How Does Leo Sigh Keep Celebrity Stories Positive? Who Do I Write About?

cheryl cole x factor press launch
Cheryl Cole is one of the many celebrities I love to write about. She’s talented, works hard, treats people with respect and is kind. Why wouldn’t I want to write about her?

In the last few weeks, I’ve had a few people ask me how it’s possible for Leo Sigh to only publish celebrity stories that are positive. Surely it would make more sense to report on gossip, or about those celebrities currently in the news for all the wrong reasons? So I thought I would explain. And, honestly, it’s simple.

I never write about celebrities I don’t admire, or those who are making wrong choices with their lives. After all, why concentrate my energies on something or someone I don’t like, and why compound the problems a celebrity is already having by piling on the nasty?

There are enough websites out there that do all those things. I chose to go a different way.

But writing positive stories about the celebrities I love, and the fun, interesting and downright magnificent things they do? Now those things are a joy to write about and truly make my day.


As for the celebrities I write about, as anyone who has read Leo Sigh over the last few months probably already knows, my main girl is Conchita Wurst. And, yes, she always will be.

But, unlike what you may believe if you read the not-so-nice celebrity gossip websites (and no, I’m not going to name or link to them), there are thousands of other singers, actors, designers, sportsmen, TV and YouTube personalities and more who are doing incredibly positive things with their lives, just like Conchita does. These are the people I write about.

So, if you’re looking for a place to only see the upbeat and positive, then Leo Sigh is it. And no, I won’t name the people I refuse to write about. What possible good would come of it?

Michelle Topham