How Does Sandra Bullock Stay Looking So Young? And Hot?

sandra bullock looks so young

I’ve adored Sandra Bullock since I first saw her in ‘Speed’ (one of my all-time favorite movies, by the way). Twenty years after the release of the movie, though, what’s surprising to me even more than how much I still love ‘Speed’, is how Sandra Bullock stays looking so young.

Want to know what I mean? Then watch this new video from People Magazine. They’ve put together a series of morphing Sandra Bullock photos from 1993 when she was the cute girl-next-door right through to the present day.


What’s fascinating about all of them is, in more than 20 years of being in the public eye, and now at the age of just-turned 50, Sandra Bullock doesn’t look any older. Just a lot more elegant.

Not surprising then either that Sandra Bullock was recently awarded the Decade of Hotness Award at the Spike Guys’ Choice Awards. Yep. 50. And definitely still hot.

Watch the People video below to see what I mean.

Michelle Topham