How is Gigi Hadid Related to Kendall Jenner? It’s All Through Marriage (Video)

gigi hadid related to kendall jenner

If you live in Los Angeles for any length of time, you realize quickly half of the celebrities in town are somehow related to each other. That is apparently the case with Gigi Hadid, who is related to Kendall Jenner. Well. Sort of.

How is Gigi Hadid related to Kendall Jenner, you might ask? Probably as you might expect as, yes, it is by marriage, and it is two or three times removed and, no, it’s not really related. It is still interesting, however, when you see how a couple of marriages or divorces can suddenly connect some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

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As Gigi Hadid told Vanity Fair recently, with her and her best friend Kendall Jenner, it goes like this.

“My mom married David (that’s Canadian composer David Foster], who was married to Linda Jenner (now actress Linda Thompson), who was Bruce Jenner‘s ex-wife (Bruce Jenner, of course, now being Caitlyn Jenner),” Hadid explained. She then went on to say, “We’re related through divorced marriages.”

But, when the Vanity Fair interviewer asks if that means they are “ex step-sisters”, Gigi gets just as confused as the rest of us, and wraps it up by laughingly saying “We’re best friends”.

Watch Gigi Hadid explain the connection between her and Kendall Jenner in the video below. And can I just say, God, that girl is cute.


Michelle Topham