How Many Times Has Morrissey Been Kissed On Stage? The Moz Huggers

While researching my new-found interest in Morrissey, I came across this video on YouTube for “Will Never Marry“. A video that shows quite a few of the Moz huggers Morrissey has had to deal with over the years.

What’s fascinating about it is, not only the song itself, which is one of the most beautiful modern British songs ever written, but also how so many people have managed to get on stage and kiss or grab the great man himself.

Of course, in typical Morrissey style, most of the time he just keeps on singing, but you must admit it has to be a bit disconcerting to be suddenly grabbed from behind by a total stranger and have a big wet one bestowed on you while their arm wraps around your neck.

During one of them, he even gets pulled down onto the stage with a guy on top of him.

After all, as erotic and sexy as Morrissey might seem to some, my sense is he’s more confused than most and probably not the particularly-likes-to-be-grabbed kind.

He’s British after all. Few of us do.

Plus, as he has said before, he doesn’t generally like people. (And on that he and I heartily agree).

Overall, the Moz huggers video made me a little sad. Not just the music, but that this wonderful of an artist is often treated like meat.

Come on, people. Have a little more respect.