How Olivia Munn Gets Into Her ‘X-Men’ Psylocke Costume – With a Lot of Lube (Video)

olivia munn psylocke costume x men

Olivia Munn was at Comic-Con in San Diego this weekend with some of the cast of the upcoming film X-Men: Apocalypse. While there, she and they were on a panel with Conan O’Brien for his late night show Conan.

During the interview, Conan asked Munn about playing the role of Betsy Braddock who, of course, is also the superhero Psylocke in X-Men: Apocalypse. But not about actually acting in the film. Nope. Conan was a lot more interested in how Olivia Munn gets into her Psylocke costume.

Because, of course, it’s skin tight and made of latex.

Munn said the costume is almost identical to the drawings we’ve seen of Psylocke, except there’s even less of it (especially around the boobs as, according to Munn, she’s a bit “deficient” in that area).

James McAvoy, who plays Professor X, then pointed out “There’s a lot of lubrication involved in getting you into the costume”, to which Olivia Munn agreed.

That’s because latex usually requires the use of lubricant to get you in it properly. If you don’t want to peel your skin off, that is.

In this case, the Psylocke costume is lubricated inside, then Munn’s body is lubricated, and then she steps into the costume and slides it on.

Best moment in the interview? When Olivia Munn talks about the first day she wore the Psylocke costume and “popped the crotch”. With seven men on that panel and her the only girl, you can only imagine how much fanning of red faces there was then.

Watch Olivie Munn talk about her Psylocke X-Men costume below. She’s cute.