How tall is Miyano Yoshikazu and how much taller is Sasaki Shuumei?

In the anime and manga series Sasaki and Miyano, one of the points that becomes obvious right at the beginning is out of the two protagonists, Miyano is much shorter than Sasaki.


So much so, Sasaki is taller than Miyano by more than a head.

Something Sasaki loves, as he considers Miyano’s short stature one of the many things that makes him “kawaii” (cute).

Miyano, however, would prefer to be taller.

Especially as his own father is 188 cm (6 feet 2 inches), which as most of us know is very tall for a Japanese man.

That is why his height, or lack thereof, is often part of a conversation between Miyano and his friends.

Even if they are usually just teasing him for being short.

But, how tall is Miyano Yoshikazu, and how much taller is Sasaki Shuumei?

This Sasaki and Miyano key visual shows the large difference in height between the two boys

How tall is Miyano Yoshikazu?

While it is never specifically stated how tall Miyano is, it is likely he is no taller than between 160 cm and 165 cm, or approximately 5ft 3 inches to 5ft 5 inches tall.

This is because the average Japanese man is 172 cm or 5ft 7.7 inches.

Considering Miyano is considered “short” by all his classmates, he isn’t anywhere near 172 cm obviously, which leaves him probably around the 5ft 5 height at the absolute tallest.

How much taller is Sasaki Shuumei?

Meanwhile, with his long legs and body, and the way he towers over Miyano and many of his other classmates, it is obvious Sasaki is tall.

Again, it is not specifically stated in the Sasaki and Miyano anime or manga series how tall Sasaki is, just that he is tall.

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Considering how tall Sasaki looks compared to the average height of the boys in his class, and that even his friend Hirano has complained about how tall he is, Sasaki is at least 181 cm or 5ft 11.2 inches, and highly likely to be as tall as 185 cm, or almost 6ft 1 inches.

You can see this when the two stand next to each other, and it is obvious Sasaki is at least a head taller than Miyano. (see visual above)

Considering an average head for an adult is around 8-9 inches (20.3 to 22.8 centimeters in length, that means, Sasaki is at least 20 cm or 8 inches taller than Miyano, and could be up to 25-26 cm or 10 inches taller if Miyano is 5ft 3 and Sasak is close to 6 feet 1.

Michelle Topham