How to Build a Minecraft Fireplace Without Setting Fire to Your House (Video)

In my more than nine months of playing the game, I’ve tended to avoid building a Minecraft fireplace as every time I do I set fire to the house I’ve just built. Of course, I’m not alone, as the numerous YouTube videos showing people’s Minecraft houses going up in flames can attest to.

But, today, one of my favorite YouTube channels, Mcspotlights, has just put up a video showing how to build a Minecraft fireplace without setting fire to your house and, surprise surprise, I figured out quickly even I could do it. Especially because they give you several options to do so.

So, if you like me keep setting fire to your house every time you build a fireplace in your Minecraft world, no worries. Here is the right way to do it and, with my couple of hours experimentation so far in my own Minecraft game, I can absolutely guarantee it works.


Now all I need to do is to remember not to put lava into a house with wooden walls, and my Minecraft abodes will finally become fire proof.

Michelle Topham