How to build an epic Minecraft base in survival mode via Mumbo Jumbo (video)

Building an epic Minecraft base in survival mode can be difficult. Especially if you build a basic base to start with, and then try to expand on its boring design while being invaded by mobs at the same time.

That leaves you limited time to gather resources and then build, and you stuck with a dull base that is never going to look as amazing as epic bases on other people’s videos look.


That is why, if you are determined to build an amazing Minecraft base in your next world, you should first watch this new video from popular British YouTube gamer Mumbo Jumbo.

A video in which he breaks down what you need to do to build an epic Minecraft base in survival mode step-by-easy-step. His suggestions are:

  • Start from a central point, and then work out from there. That means finding a spot in your Minecraft world that is well-located for resources and for other important locations you might need later on, as well as one that will enable you to spot other players or mobs if they are heading towards you.
  • Have a purpose — make sure any base you build has an actual purpose, and isn’t just eye-candy that looks cool. Like Mumbo himself says when he talks about a fishing village he built back in Hermitcraft Season 2 –there was never any reason to build it, as he didn’t need a fishing village. So, once he had finished, it just sat there. Without a purpose. Make sure everything you build in and around your base has a purpose, ie: that you will actually use it, and your epic Minecraft base will eventually be a reality.
  • Leave lots of room for expansion — Some people build an epic Minecraft base in survival mode, and then realize the way it is now is the way it will stay, as there is zero room for expansion. Choose an area that will allow you to add on rooms or other locations, and your base can grow as you come up with new ideas for it. Otherwise, you will end up shutting it down and building another base elsewhere.
  • Don’t make it too big — Remember, when you build a base, you need to have rooms with functions and actual things in them. Otherwise, you just have a huge base full of empty rooms that serve no purpose. Plan your base wisely, make sure you know why you are building all these rooms, and be sure that enormous space you are currently carving out will be filled with things you will use

    Symmetry can look terrible if you don’t manage it correctly — avoid it unless necessary.
  • Avoid symmetry — While building a Minecraft base that is completely symmetrical may sound like a cool idea, if you cannot add rooms or machinery to it that is completely identical in each part, it will end up looking terrible. Avoid symmetry altogether or, if you would still like parts of it to be symmetrical, keep that to just one small area you know you can make look amazing.
  • A well-planned, beautiful storage area — As Mumbo Jumbo points out, no matter how cool your epic Minecraft base looks, you will still spend 90 percent of your time in your storage area. That is why it should look beautiful and be well-planned, so you don’t waste time wandering all over it trying to find items.
  • Test things out in creative mode first — Never think you can build an amazing base without testing your ideas out in creative mode first. If you don’t, you will waste weeks of your time building, knocking down and rebuilding parts of  your base so that it eventually looks the way you want it to.
  • Check out your favorite content creators on YouTube — While you don’t want to steal someone else’s base design, you can get some great ideas from watching other content creator’s videos. Spend an hour or two watching your favorite content creators before you design your base, and you could end up with some amazing ideas even they have not thought of.
  • Be smart with your materials — Make sure you either have a resource farm that is producing the materials you will need to build your base, or choose materials that do not need a massive amount of time spent mining them.
  • Scale over detail — If you don’t have a huge amount of time to build an epic Minecraft base in survival mode, go for scale over detail. Meaning big looks epic enough, and you don’t have to spend months faffing around with tiny details in your base to make it look cool.
  • Know  your skills and play styles — Don’t go with a base idea that doesn’t fit your play style. Instead, know your strengths and how you like to play Minecraft, and then build your base using them.

  • Choose a precise block pallet — Don’t choose an enormous number of different style blocks, as this will just make your base look ‘too much’. Instead, choose a block pallet of just a few block styles and use them all over your base. Everything will look more uniform, and as if all the design of your base ‘fits’.
  • Gather resources before you start — Not only should you have all your resources already mined and created before you start building your base, they should also be in chests close to your building site. That way you’re not half building/half mining, or wasting time going backwards and forwards to your storage area for building supplies.
  • Build the skeleton first — Don’t fill everything in as you build, but instead build the skeleton first. Then you can easily see if something isn’t working and fix it. Otherwise, you will have to knock everything down and start again.
  • Stop if things go wrong — Don’t keep going forward if, when you start building your epic Minecraft base in survival mode, you realize it does not look the way you wanted it to. Feel free to step back and think about your design for a while, or trash it completely and start again. Before you finish it and realize — you hate it.
  • Have enough scaffolding blocks — As you are building, you will need scaffolding blocks to stand on. Make sure you have enough of them before you start, and that they are not blocks that need a pickaxe to break.

Watch Mumbo Jumbo’s excellent video on How To Build EPIC Bases in Minecraft Survival Mode below for additional information. He even points out all the mistakes he made when building his own Minecraft bases, and recommends you don’t do the same.


And yes, as always, he is correct with everything he suggests. That’s why so many of his bases are truly…epic!

For more on what Mumbo is up to, check out and then bookmark his website. He puts up all his new videos there, as well as archives his older content.

With several years of amazing Mumbo Jumbo Minecraft builds to watch, his site is well worth going back to again and again.

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